We are more than just a company

We believe using custom home technology should be a seamless experience that adds value to your daily life. We look to build long term relationships, not just accumulate customers, therefore we align our core values with our clients’ interests.

DVI Home Automation promises to make sure your system performs the way it was sold to you by servicing your investment for the life of your system or for as long as you own it at no cost to you.

This is the DVI Home Automation way of doing business.

Our Process


Our team guides our customer in selecting the most convenient products in areas where technology gets involved. After all project information has been defined our team will proceed to create the proper drawing guidelines and instructions for each of the services that has been selected by the customer.


Our Project Management abilities help ensure that our automation system installations are problem free, smooth and well-designed. Our installers will spend whatever time that is required to ensure a proper home automation installation process.


This is where the magic happens, the stage where all the different services get combined and start to work together for you and provide the experience full of comfort and simplicity. We will collect as much information as possible from the client to build a unique user interface that exceeds your needs.


After the installation, configuration and programming is completed. DVI Home Automation will continue to support and improve the system. Providing upgrades and check-up calls as well as offering any possible enhancement the client wishes.

In-Home Evaluation


The goal of the evaluation is to determine the capability and most suitable applications for audio, video, lighting control and automation depending upon the format of your home's construction.

Here is a list of tasks that will be performed in your report.

  • Determine type of home construction.
  • Verify accessibility for wire routing to all speaker locations and other infrastructure support systems.
  • Evaluate and test existing equipment, components and wire for potential integration into new system.
  • Determine proper speaker placement based upon room acoustics and interior design aesthetics.
  • Evaluate room acoustics
  • Evaluate room size and seating specifications in order to determine most appropriate monitor format as well as most appropriate monitor size.
  • Evaluate ambient light control and lighting conditions in order to enhance overall ambient integration.
  • Evaluate existing locations of electrical power, cable outlets, and telephone outlets.  Is wiring appropriate for new system?
  • Perform a needs based evaluation in order to recommend the most appropriate control system for scope of project under consideration


All of the above considerations will be integrated into a proposal that best suits your needs as well as your desires for the most fun and satisfying experience that DVI Home Automation can provide.